Masjid Bilal Da'wah Committee Project

Greet Your Neighbor with a Gift

Masjid Bilal Da'wah Committee is inviting everyone to participate in an effort to reach out to your neighbors with a gift on the occasion of Ramadan.

Masjid Bilal has purchased over 200 packets of baklava and we have attached to each packet a card saying, “A gift from your Muslim neighbor.” We are asking everyone to give the baklava to a few neighbors as a gift on the occasion of Ramadan. Please mention to your neighbor that in our fasting month of Ramadan we try to be as spiritual and as generous as possible.

Hopefully the gift will lead to a discussion of Ramadan and Islam but you don’t have to initiate the discussion. The goal is to involve all of us in trying to show Islam as a compassionate, beautiful religion and to eventually dispel stereotypes and misinformation.

Distribution of the baklava will start on Friday March 29 at Jumu’ah and continue through the weekend.

We are asking for a donation of at least $3 for each packet to defer our costs. Any further donations are welcomed. Each person can have up to five packets. The packet has 15 pieces of high-quality baklava made by the famous New Yasmeen Bakery.

Thanks to Sam’s Halal Market for providing the baklava.