Bride and groom’s consent to marry.

Premarital counseling provided by the Imam or the like. The wali (and parents) may be asked to attend the first session, but subsequent sessions will be conducted without their presence. All sessions are as per appointment and are usually 30-45 minutes long.

2 Muslim witnesses, wali, mahr (dowry)

Marriage License from any county’s Circuit Court in the state of Kentucky no more than 60 days before the marriage.

The wali is the bride’s guardian or representative, ideally the father or adult brother, or closest male relative. The role of the wali is to assist in the selection and screening of the future husband, and facilitate the marriage process and subsequent issues.

(Brothers getting married may need to have the approval of their family)

Plan well in advance and respect premarital Islamic ethics and rules.​

Masjid Bilal requires at least 2 to 4 weeks notice for marriage services.

Previously married individuals must have completed the necessary steps before being eligible for a new marriage (completing the ‘iddah or waiting period, finalizing all legal divorce proceedings and documentation, etc.)

When obtaining the marriage license from the circuit court both future husband and wife must be present with some form of photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and will be given forms and pertinent information. The Imam will at the time of the Islamic marriage fill in the license as a religious marriage and send the license back to the clerk of the circuit court, who will then update the information in the system before mailing the completed license back to the couple.

Prospective couples may also be advised to meet with an attorney and draw up a prenuptial agreement as well as have a full medical check-up (for HIV, STDs, etc.)

The Islamic marriage ceremony (nikah) will only take place upon the completion of the necessary prerequisites like filing documentation, completion of paperwork, agreement of dowry (mahr) and fulfillment of all other conditions. No marriage will be conducted without the above essential prerequisites.

An Islamic marriage certificate/contract (‘'aqd nikah) will be drawn up by the Imam upon consultation with the couple and wali, and will be filled prior to the ceremony. The ‘aqd is a legal document and will be issued on the day of marriage, duly witnessed, dated, stamped and signed by the imam, the husband, wife, wali and two witnesses appointed prior to the marriage from the families or friends of the couple.

All counseling and marriages will be conducted at the discretion and availability of the Imam.

Masjid Bilal Marriage Services are FREE. However a donation of $100.00 is suggested. Donation should be made directly to Masjid Bilal​ Ibn Rabah.

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