School Hours

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. until Dhuhr Prayer (please refer to the School Calendar by clicking HERE). Students must arrive by 10:55 a.m. Dhuhr prayer is part of our school day. Parents of students who arrive late or wish to leave early will need to check in or check out the students, at the school office. Students are expected to stay indoors during school hours. For the safety of students, running around in the parking lot is not allowed.

Required Materials

All students must carry a hard cover folder, notebook, and pen/pencil to every class. Students must also bring any required textbooks/work books.

Home Work and Report Card

Teachers may assign homework. Please ensure that your child completes his/her homework before its due date. Parents must sign the homework. Please help your child with homework as needed. Please remember the time that students spend in class is less than 3 hours per week. We request for parents to spend additional time working with their children. Report Cards will be given by the teacher and will be discussed with the parents during the Parent- Teacher meeting.

Dress Code Guidelines

All students and staff of our School are required to dress in an attire that is prayer-ready as defined by Islamic law.

Bringing Inappropriate Materials

Students may not bring toys, electronic games, or playing cards of any kind. Cell phone usage is not allowed during class. These items will be confiscated by the teacher and will be returned only to the parent.

Student Behavior

The Masjid Bilal Weekend School provides students with a safe environment to learn and develop Islamic character and values. Students involved in serious offenses including refusal to follow the instructions of teachers, vandalism, acts of violence or severe disrespect to teachers will be immediately excluded from the classroom. Persistent violators of classroom rules will receive progressively more stern discipline. Refer to Disciplinary Procedures.

The following penalties will be applied in the order indicated for breaking any rules mentioned above:

1. A verbal warning from a teacher or administrator.

2. A second warning. Student is referred to principal’s office to discuss the problem

3. A conference with student's parents.

4. Suspension from our classes.

5. Expulsion from all of our classes.

Disciplinary Procedures


Fees are due on the 1st Sunday of every month. Click HERE to read more on Registration and Payment.